Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Playing for Peanuts airs on SNY on May 11 @6:00PM

I've been reading a lot about this and I'm really looking forward to watching it. John Fitzgerald is an independent filmmaker just like us so I know he worked really hard on this series so if you're free check it. Congrats to you, John!

"Playing for Peanuts" will premiere this Sunday, May 11 across the country.
It's a TV show about minor league baseball. The show uses reality TV and documentary techniques to follow the South Georgia Peanuts in their inaugural season. The Peanuts are made up of a mix of rookies and veterans, all hoping to get back into affiliated minor league baseball. The Peanuts are managed by former Major League second baseman Wally Backman.

"Playing for Peanuts" - Episode #1
(all times are local)
SportsNet NY (SNY) - May 11 @ 6pm

Sportsnet Chicago - May 11 @ 7pm

Sportsnet Philadelphia - May 11 @ 7pm

Sportsnet Bay Area - May 11 @ 8pm

Sportsnet New England - May 11 @ 8:30pm


If you have Dish or DirectTV, you can see "Playing for Peanuts" on the following channels:

CSN Chicago (DISH: 429, DIRECT: 640)- May 11 @ 7pm

SportsNet NY (SNY) (DISH: 438, DIRECT: 625)- May 11 @ 6pm

CSN Philadelphia - May 11 @ 7pm

CSN Bay Area (DISH: 419, DIRECT: 654)- May 11 @ 8pm

CSN New England (DISH:435, DIRECT: 620) - May 11 @ 8:30pm

Queens & NYC screening coming up

Our NYC screening at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater was so awesome! We of course threw out peanuts, soda and beer, which has become our signature move on the movie scene. We had a nice turn out and people laughed a lot so that's usually a good sign. Thank you to everyone who took the time to check the film out. We really appreciate your support.

We have 2 screening coming up so please join us if you haven't seen it yet. The Queens screening is right by Shea and after the game so there's no excuse...

Queens premiere on May 10, 2008 at 5:00 PM
Queens Museum of Art at Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Queens, NY Tickets - Free (museum donation of $5.oo is suggested)

NewFilmmakers premiere on May 14, 2008 at 6:00 PM
Anthology Film Archives at 32 2nd Ave at 2nd Street
NY, NY Tickets $5.00

Both screenings will have a Q & A after the film.

Update on Matt Hoey

As many of you know Matt Hoey who was a big part our documentary was in a bad accident a couple of months back. Though he has a long road ahead of him, he really has made tremendous progress. At this point, he is back home and going to rehab several times a week. They are helping him to work on his walking and other injuries as well.

When Matt was hurt we sent out messages to Mets community asking people to email him supportive messages. Matt received hundreds of them, which according to his wife and mother really played a huge part in his recovery. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who sent in those messages.

It's the little things in life that matter.


Carlos Pinero of Santa Monica, CA emailed us
after watching the film. He included some great info about how "FOONYAS" like him follow the Mets from a far...

Left: Carlos riding his "Metsmobile" which he used to commute to work for 2 years in Dodgertown. Right: Carlos's dog Mookie.

Dear Kathy and Joe,

I hope the film takes off with the 2008 season in full swing. It's a great movie. All I have out here are the games in LA & SD (SF is too far for a day trip), but I get to every one of them on TV. Here's some Mets stuff from one more fan; me.

On the Mets forums out there, I coined the phrase FOONYA a few years ago. I am a FOONYA. FOONYAS are the Fans Out Of the New York Area. The out of market Mets fans who can't get to Shea everyday or for that matter, any day. We fly planes and take trains to get to Mets games, and we're always wearing our Mets gear in some other team's town and at other team's ballparks. When the Mets finally come to the town we live in, the whole world stops for three magical days while we take Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off from work to the total bemusement of our co-workers.

We search the internet for Mets forums, drive to newsstands to find copies of the New York Post for $2, and TIvo expensive MLB packages just to get a taste of Mets. We FOONYAS are the Mets fans that no one notices back in New York, because they never see us. We can't just pop our head into a tavern to see the score on TV where we live, because no one is wearing orange and blue in those games. If you ask a cab driver what the score is, neither of the two cities he mentions are New York. And on the rare occasion that we see the Mets on TV in a public place, it's a national game with no Keith, no Ron, and no Gary, and no one in the joint cheers when Reyes steals second. Half the time, you don't even get a replay; all you get is a highlight clip from another game in another city.

In our towns, we are known as the biggest Mets fans our friends know, mainly because we are they only people the've ever seen wearing a Franco Mets T-shirt every day. There is always a Yankee cap in the room somehow, usually the fashionable all-black version, worn by someone who doesn't follow the team, but on the rare occasion you see another Mets cap in a store or across the street, you smile and wave lioke you know them, and somehow the person in the Mets cap always smiles and waves back or thumbs up back because we are not only Mets fans, we are a special kind of Mets fan.


Lets Go Mets.

Carlos Pineiro
Santa Monica, CA