Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Playing for Peanuts airs on SNY on May 11 @6:00PM

I've been reading a lot about this and I'm really looking forward to watching it. John Fitzgerald is an independent filmmaker just like us so I know he worked really hard on this series so if you're free check it. Congrats to you, John!

"Playing for Peanuts" will premiere this Sunday, May 11 across the country.
It's a TV show about minor league baseball. The show uses reality TV and documentary techniques to follow the South Georgia Peanuts in their inaugural season. The Peanuts are made up of a mix of rookies and veterans, all hoping to get back into affiliated minor league baseball. The Peanuts are managed by former Major League second baseman Wally Backman.

"Playing for Peanuts" - Episode #1
(all times are local)
SportsNet NY (SNY) - May 11 @ 6pm

Sportsnet Chicago - May 11 @ 7pm

Sportsnet Philadelphia - May 11 @ 7pm

Sportsnet Bay Area - May 11 @ 8pm

Sportsnet New England - May 11 @ 8:30pm


If you have Dish or DirectTV, you can see "Playing for Peanuts" on the following channels:

CSN Chicago (DISH: 429, DIRECT: 640)- May 11 @ 7pm

SportsNet NY (SNY) (DISH: 438, DIRECT: 625)- May 11 @ 6pm

CSN Philadelphia - May 11 @ 7pm

CSN Bay Area (DISH: 419, DIRECT: 654)- May 11 @ 8pm

CSN New England (DISH:435, DIRECT: 620) - May 11 @ 8:30pm

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